He doesnít have a Diploma in Theosophy but

he certainly has a Diploma in Satirical Singing


Tekels Park to be Sold to a Developer



Tekels Park is a 50 acre woodland estate near

Camberley, Surrey, England. It is a spiritual retreat,

a sanctuary for wildlife and has a consecrated

church. It is currently owned by the

Theosophical Society in England (Adyar)

who are selling the park to a developer.



The sale of Tekels Park to a developer isnít

exactly taking place in the glare of publicity


Selling Tekels Park to a developer is not popular (understatement) with the members of the Theosophical Society in England who have owned the Park since 1929.


Many members regard Tekels Park as the Spiritual Home of the Theosophical Society, and mindful of this, the Societyís leadership has tried to keep the sale to a developer quiet.


News of the sale, and that it is to a developer, is now leaking out through independent websites, blogs and email between members. Anybody dealing with the sale proves extremely hard to find and the matter is clearly not up for discussion.


The fate of the wildlife is of major concern to many and it is difficult to see how the survival of the deer, badgers and other animals is compatible with development. There have been no answers on this one.


Theosophy talks of a compassionate attitude to animals and the sale of a sanctuary for wildlife to a developer has caused serious division in the Theosophical Society in England



Everything at Tekels Park is for sale


Tekels Park is up for sale including the consecrated

Church of St Francis, which was a gift from a church member and has been a place of worship since 1931. church members will have to negotiate with the new owner to be able to worship in, what they thought, was their own church. The church was founded by a Theosophical Society member who live for many years at Tekels Park and has catered for Christians within the Theosophical Movement. Many congregation members now feel betrayed.




You would need to have had your head in block of

cement for the past 3 years not to know that this

is a bad time to sell.


Many are unhappy that this is certainly not a good time to get a good price for the Tekels Park Estate and that professional advice in 2009, not to sell the Park, has been ignored.



There is a rush to sell Tekels Park


Tekels Park is being sold quickly and quietly, hopefully before the decision can be questioned and alternatives proposed. The need to sell is based on financial information which has not been presented to the general membership and which hardly anyone appears to have seen.


It doesnít require a Diploma in Finance or even a Diploma in Anything to know that this is a bad time economically to sell Tekels Park.




The secrecy surrounding such a momentous

decision is incredible. You wonít find anything

about the sale on the Tekels Park Guest House

website. Itís as if it just isnít happening.



The decision to sell Tekels Park is reported

to be based on dire figures.


It is impossible to find anyone who can even report having seen or is able to comment on the figures on which the decision to sell Tekels Park is based and consequently even their very existence is now a subject of speculation



21st Century Theosophy man will have to come

to terms with the loss of the Spiritual Home.


We Can Carry On Using Tekels Park


Weíre Moving Our Activities Elsewhere


There is Confusion as the Theoversity moves out of

Tekels Park to hired venues in Southampton, Glastonbury & Chorley in Lancashire while the leadership claim that the Theosophical Society in England will carry on using Tekels Park despite its sale to a developer.


There is talk of an agreement on the use of Tekels Park after it is sold but nobody has seen it and there are no plans to have it ratified by the general membership. Such an agreement, in any case, would be very difficult to enforce.



Many Theosophists have urged the leadership to

consider alternatives to selling Tekels Park

but have been ignored.


The underlying resentment within the

Theosophical Society at not being

consulted about the sale or even told

about it officially is enormous.

It is not therefore surprising therefore

that those dealing with the sale have made

themselves scarce.



Donít Tell anybody but Tekels Park has been

A sanctuary for wildlife for decades


It is hard to see how the future of the Tekels Park wildlife is compatible with development. The animals, which include deer and badgers, cannot survive if their foraging area is destroyed. This is a subject definitely not for discussion by the Theosophical Society in Englandís leadership.



The Tekels Park Family Eviction



Echoes of Feudal England


In May 2013, a family of four who had been resident on the Tekels Park Estate for many years were evicted from their home because a Tekels Park Estate director decided that he wanted to live in their house. It is not known if future evictions are planned.



Tekels Park is owned by;


The Theosophical Society in England (Adyar)

50 Gloucester Place

London W1U-8EA


Tel 0207 563 9817




Please note that there is more than one Theosophical Society. Only the Theosophical Society with its headquarters at Gloucester Place, London is connected to Tekels Park. This is generally known as the Theosophical Society (Adyar) as its international headquarters are in Adyar, India.


The Theosophical Society administers the Tekels Park Estate through a limited company


The Tekels Park Estate Limited

4-6 Church Road, Burgess Hill,

West Sussex

RH15 9AE,




From the Website Owner:- Dave Marsland


I am dedicated to the future of the Tekels Park animals and have created this website in support of saving them.


My main concern in posting information on this, and related websites, is to draw attention to the sale of the 50 acre sanctuary for wildlife to a property developer and the inevitable deaths of the animals by slaughter or habitat destruction.


The killing of the Tekels Park animals would be an obscenity and as a long standing student of Theosophy, I cannot turn a blind eye.


I maintain that the Tekels Park management and the Theosophical Society in England leadership have attempted to keep the fate of the Park and its wildlife from public attention and the attention of the Theosophical Society in England members.


Dave Marsland


You may contact me on davemarsland@walestheosophy.org.uk





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